The current position:


We conduct rigorous analytical tests on incoming raw materials, in-process materials, and on finished products to ensure that our clients’products meet the GMP quality standards. Our extensive in-house quality control and microbiology laboratories provide the following capabilities:

Chemical & Physical Testing Capabilities

  • Assays for vitamins and active ingredients, including botanical markers
  • Important mineral analysis
  • Probiotic enumeration
  • Protein and amino acid analysis
  • Enzyme analysis
  • Ingredient Identification
  • Physical testing criteria, including: hardness, thickness, weight variation, friability
  • Disintegration (USP)
  • Moisture analysis
  • Metal detection
  • Stability testing – accelerated and real-time

Microbiology & Purity Testing Capabilities

  • Cleaning validation of product-facing surfaces for contaminants and allergens
  • Microbial limits
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Compressed air, water, and environmental monitoring

Other Specialized Testing Capabilities

  • Dissolution for extended/modified release formulations
  • Stability tests includes both accelerated and real-time

Other Specialized Testing Capabilities

  • In order to conduct meticulous QC procedures, to monitor ongoing product stability, and to support the formulation and manufacturing process throughout development and commercialization, Hercules Laboratory Group has applied some of the most advanced scientific equipment available such as UPLC, UPLC-MS, ICP, ICP-MS, DSC, TGA, and LC-MS. Those equipments are used to characterize both active pharmaceutical and botanical ingredients (API & ABI) and finished product which aids our scientists in formulating stable and scalable dosage forms. Having this our advanced capability results in reliable data and dependable results our clients can trust on.