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As one of high volume buyers of raw materials in U.S., we usually receive bulk discounts at good quality from the industry's leading suppliers. As a result, we are able to develop an unique formula consisting of several significant branded materials, given a competitive retail price compared to other similar products in the market.

Our purchasing team works closely with our formulation experts and scientists to source, analyze, and approve raw materials for use in our products. Each ingredient is subjected to a comprehensive testing to verify its Certificate of Analysis before it can be approved for use in our formulations. This certification program builds long-term trust with our vendors by guaranteeing consistently high quality raw material provided by our suppliers. That also ensures competitive prices for a wide variety of quality ingredients to meet a complete range of product formulations.

Hercules Laboratory Group is an expert in a number of specialty ingredients. What this mean is that there is a comprehensive understanding of how certain raw materials should be handled during production process. This ensures the viability and potency of sensitive products.

List of branded raw materials: